Critical Dimensions of S&S film holders

A = Width of loading end flap
B = Rib-lock placement. Measured from the end of holder at the flap end to the "beginning" of the rib-lock
C = Width of holder
D = Width of rib-lock
T = Distance from septum to outside of frame. Should equal ground glass displacement minus the width of the film

We will be changing the rib-lock position on S&S holders in 7X17, 8X20 and 12X20 on all holders made after 1.1.2008 in order to have more conformity with Canham specifications. This will result in a change of the B dimension as follows.
  • 7X17 holders, from current 18 1/2" to 18 5/16".
  • 8X20 and 12X20 holders, from current 21 _ " to 21 5/16"
  • 12X20 holders, from current 21 1/2" to 21 5/16"

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